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From the Darkness and Colin Burns

From the Darkness … light in contemporary art is a Brighton Festival Fringe exhibition (1 May – 23 May 2010) at Little St Peter’s Church, Preston Park, Brighton. The curator of the exhibition is Nathaniel Hepburn, from Mascalls Gallery in Paddock Wood, West Kent. ‘From the Darkness’ is one of a series of exhibitions from […]

West Ham exhibition: Additions

Our newest member, Sergiy Shkanov, has added three works to the ongoing commission4mission exhibition at All Saints West Ham. Tree of Life is an etching on paper from 1984, while Nice to see you and Trinity (see above) are photographs of original stained glass created by Sergiy in 2003.

Sergiy Shkanov

‘Nice to see you’, stained glass ‘Beginning’, oil & acrylic on canvas, 2008 Sergiy Shkanov is a professional artist working in the fields of stained glass, murals, mosaics, painting, graphic arts, and book illustration. He is a tutor of Fine Arts. Sergiy has participated in group shows across Europe since 1987 and holds numerous personal […]

c4m artists news update

Jonathan Evens’ ‘Stations of the Cross’ meditations are being used, for the second year running, by the Northwood and Northwood Hill Art Stns. This community art project involves a trail of artworks exploring some of the events in the final hours of Jesus’ life. The artworks include paintings, photographic exhibits, drapes, metal sculpture and collages […]