commission4mission has held exhibitions at All Hallows by the Tower, Chelmsford Cathedral, Norwich Cathedral, Methodist Central Hall, St Martin-in-the-Fields, St Stephen Walbrook, and The Strand Gallery, among many other locations. We have undertaken many commissions, which have raised funds for charity. We have worked with partners to create several projects and resources, including ‘Run With The Fire’ for the 2012 Olympic year.

In 2018 commission4mission has exhibited in St Saviour’s Church, St Albans, during The Alban Festival.  We also exhibited at All Hallows by the Tower in October. ‘Journey’, the title and theme for the exhibition, could be understood in terms of journeys that are emotional, pilgrimage, personal, biblical etc. The theme of this exhibition built on our exhibition in St Albans, which was entitled ‘Pilgrimage’.

This year we have developed a new partnership with New Roots, which has involved several of our artists featuring on their website as artists-in-residence. Next year we will have an exhibition at Coventry Cathedral during Lent entitled ‘Reconciliation’.

Our most recent commission is a new East window designed by Henry Shelton and made by Richard Paton for All Saints Goodmayes.  News and information about other recent commissions can be found at our ‘Commissions’ page.  All c4m artists and their portfolios can be seen on the ‘Artists‘ page.

commission4mission (c4m) was formed to help revive and encourage the practice of commissioning and placing works of contemporary art in churches and other public places.  To enable this, we have a growing pool of professional artist members working in a variety of media and styles. Through art, we support churches in their ongoing mission, and also charities, as each year part of the proceeds from commissions is donated.


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