Members update: Christopher Clack

Christopher Clack is taking part in one of the best collateral art events ‘The Crash’rgbTheCrash during Frieze Week which takes place in the car park beneath Cavendish Square following the popularity of previous exhibitions held at this unique west end location. Geoff Leong once again joins forces with dynamic artist-curator Vanya Balogh to support this non-profit exhibition featuring over 100 international artists in the circular 20,000 sq ft multi-storey car park beneath Cavendish Square in West End.

While unusual regarding location this annual event likes to question and poke, challenge and inspire, entice and entertain, cajole and embrace all art lovers and visitors. Open to the public for three days (6 – 8 October 2017) it will feature works in the medium of sculpture, photography, film, performance and site-specific installation as a response to the fractured times we live in.