New member – Michael Garaway

Book Pantokrator Acrylic on paper 39.8 x 56 cm

Book Pantokrator Acrylic on paper 39.8 x 56 cm

Michael Garaway studied Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic and University College Chester, and has made and exhibited his work since the 1980’s. As a student he struggled with tensions between evangelical christian culture and contemporary art practice, and eventually decided to take a path of learning from the new and experimental. He later moved away from church involvement, although not abandoning faith altogether, and developed his own responses to urban environments and technologies. During his career he has employed a range of media and processes to make semi-abstract work, including acrylics, pastels and computers.

He has worked as a graphic artist, and as a computer and audio-visual technician in education. In the past twenty years he has taught and managed courses on art, design and multimedia in colleges and universities. He taught Multimedia at Reading College from 2000, and later ran a Fine Art degree there for Thames Valley University. From 2011 he lectured on creative courses in the Ealing School of Art, Design & Media at the University of West London, and recently moved on to explore new directions with his art practice.

In the past six years he has become a fully involved member of St John the Evangelist Parish Church at Woodley near Reading in Berkshire, where he has a number of roles, including the leadership of a small art group, and contribution of graphic design skills.

Michael is continuing to work with his established themes in his studio practice, but is also interested in exploring possibilities for presenting traditional Christian iconography in contemporary forms and formats, using the media and processes he has developed during his career.

He is currently showing work in the “Spectrum” exhibition at the Ark Conference Centre in Basingstoke – until 8th July. Further details at Michael will also be participating in the Whiteknights Studio Trail in Reading, Berkshire on the weekend of 11th and 12th June. Further details soon at