Members update: Tim Harrold

image1 (3)The Perceptualist Eye is an exhibition by Tim Harrold at The Wellhouse Gallery from 15 May to 10 June 2016.

Tim defines ‘Perceptualism’ as ‘the place where the conceptual and the metaphysical meet’, and comes from the word ‘perceive’. The Perceptualist Eye is therefore about a way of seeing, a worldview, a certain perspective.

Informed by his Christian Faith and inspired by his pilgrimage through life with Jesus, many of Tim’s pieces are in some way ‘visual parables’ – they have meanings that work on a number of levels.

Working mostly with mixed media, Tim brings together ‘found objects’ and rearranges them into new contexts, scenes and stories. Tim often incorporates words in the images he creates. This reflects his loves of graphic design and writing, especially ‘found poetry’.

Methods used by Tim are:

  • Assemblage – 3-dimensional pieces and ‘worlds in boxes’
  • Photomontage – collages using images and words from printed materials
  • Photography – using primarily the iPhone Hipstamatic app which allows in-camera treatments
  • Installation – larger, conceptual ‘pop-up’ works that have an interactive element, which can include sound

Tim’s repertoire covers the commercial and the not-so-commercial. His art is not just about the intrigue of the visual but also the idea behind the image.

From 9 July Tim will also be part of a joint exhibition with John Espin, as part of Thurrock Art Trail, in the small but perfectly formed ancient pilgrimage church St Mary the Virgin Parish Church in Little Thurrock, Grays. Both shows will feature new work, and the latter will hopefully show some larger pieces that have not been previously seen before in public owing to space.

Tim Harrold:
born London, 1960
Art Foundation Course, Thurrock Technical College 1979-82
Expressive Art BA (Hons) Degree, Brighton Polytechnic 1982-85

Tim has also taught art; illustrated books; used creativity in youth and community work; and created contemplative / meditative interactive installations for prayer initiatives across the Christian Faith community. With his wife Vera, he holds creative workshops, not on the ‘how to’ but the ‘why do’ of artistic practice.

Tim also runs Transformation Thurrock, a localised networking organism facilitating and resourcing prayer, mission and unity across the denominations.