Members’ update: Tim Harrold

715671Tim Harrold has posted an article at Transformation Thurrock about his latest assemblage.

“Perestroika” is an assemblage of ‘found’ elements that was completed on the day of the Solar Eclipse, Friday 20 March 2015. Perestroika means restructuring and reforming; so the whole is about transformation, from one state to another.

Tim writes that Found Art can be defined as objects, images and words that are the flotsam and jetsam of life, reassembled into new realities to tell a fresh story. 3D reassembly is called assemblage. Mixed media art is a close relative. Related are aspects of Conceptualism, the ‘Readymades’ of Dadaism, and installation art. All are about the interactive and experiential exploration of ideas.

The piece is an example of Perceptualism, a visual poem or parable. Tim writes that perceptualism is where:

  • the conceptual and the metaphysical meet
  • the found and the parabolic meet
  • the readymade and the numinous meet
  • the symbiotic and the prophetic meet
  • the re-imagined and the catalytic meet
  • the creative and the paradoxical meet
  • the sagely and the poetic meet