Archives for February 2010

New icons for Chelmsford Cathedral

At our Study Day in November Peter Judd, Dean of Chelmsford Cathedral, showed us cartoons for the icons which he had commissioned for Chelmsford Cathedral. The four icons have now been completed and installed. Philip Ritchie has a post on the icons here and the icons are also featured in the Church Times and The […]

Memorial: ‘The Baptism of Jesus’

Rosalind and Michael Hore with ‘The Baptism of Jesus’ Steve Simcox, Vicar of St Edmund’s Tyseley with ‘The Baptism of Jesus’ The Sanctuary of St Edmund’s Tyseley Jonathan Evens recently delivered Rosalind Hore’s painting The Baptism of Jesus to St Edmund’s Tyseley where it is to be hung as a memorial to his father, Revd. […]

Installations by Ally Clarke – 2. Agony of Hope

In it’s original form the ‘Agony of Hope’ installation took the viewer through various different rooms and included film and drawing, as well as constructed elements. In summary, the work made use of the tree as a symbol of life and paper aeroplanes as a vehicle of individuals’ hopes. Clearly, in being restaged, the work […]

Installations by Ally Clarke – 1. Chosen Stones

For her first piece of work as Artist in Residence at the Bradfield Club, Ally Clarke wanted to create an artwork that in some way would enable her to become more connected to the Club – its origins, history and current contributors. In addition, she wanted to convey her heartfelt belief that the Bradfield Club […]

Helen Gould

Helen Gould with Michael Creasey and Henry Shelton Helen Gould will begin working on events and strategic development for commission4mission this month. Helen is currently an ordinand at the North Thames Ministerial Training Course and will be ordained as a Deacon in June. We have gained funding from London over the Border to enable us […]